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My PCP Is A Direct Primary Care Practice

​Direct Primary Care is an innovative, alternative primary care service model. Being a direct primary care practice means that we do not bill insurance companies.  By removing the middleman, we are able to bypass unnecessary costs and restrictions that negatively impact quality care. 

Being a direct primary care practice allows us to return to the original primary care model where the patient-physician relationship is the focus of care. Building a strong, enduring patient-physician relationship is the cornerstone to helping members achieve optimal health outcomes.

​Being a direct primary care practice allows us to dedicate adequate time to help each member achieve his/her health and wellness goals. Unlike conventional office visits, direct primary care visits are unhurried allowing for better health care interactions and discussions. 

My PCP has a limited number of memberships in order to maintain high levels of service.  Keeping membership volumes low helps us maintain our commitment of delivering reliable primary care with a personal touch.

We look forward to speaking with you and welcoming you to our primary care family.

​For more information, please contact us at 904.513.0113.

My PCP Is Physician Owned and Operated 

My PCP is owned and operated by Chloé J. Tochtenhagen, M.D.

Dr. Tochtenhagen (Tok-ten-h­ey-gen) was born and raised in McDonald, OH. 

She received her medical degree from Northeast Ohio Medical University located in Rootstown, OH. 

In 2002, she moved to Florida’s First Coast to complete her residency training with the Mayo Clinic. 

In 2016, she completed her training in Medical Acupuncture with Harvard Medical School. 

She has practiced family medicine in both the clinical and corporate settings. 

Dr. Tochtenhagen is a board-certified physician specializing in family medicine and medical acupuncture with a passion for helping her patients achieve their health-related goals.​​

My PCP Is What Primary Care Medicine Should Be

I chose to become a primary care physician because it was one of the few areas within medicine where a physician could build long-lasting relationships with patients and provide comprehensive care for patients.

Today’s health care system makes it difficult to build these relationships and deliver personalized care.

Forming My PCP has enabled me to bypass these broken elements within the health care system and return to what matters – the patient.